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Updated Beyond Reality Face to v2.2.0

Hello everbody!

Today we want to introduce Beyond Reality Face v2.2.0 to you. This update solves some issues we had with the whole structure of the SDK. Now it’s an All-In-One package including all known features:
+ Point Tracking: Follow a certain point over a playing video/webcam stream.
+ Face Detection: Find faces in images or webcam streams.
+ Face Shape Estimation: Analyse found faces and estimate their features (eg. eyes, lips, brows)
+ 3D Pose Estimation: Get the 3D position/rotation out of the analysed face shape.

We also added more example code:
+ Flash Player 11/Stage3D container for Flare3D v2.0 – example app: http://www.beyond-reality-face.com/example?type=fp11
+ Shape Mask exporter/viewer – example app: http://www.beyond-reality-face.com/example?type=masks
+ Point Tracking – example app: http://www.beyond-reality-face.com/example?type=pt

By the way: The FP11 example comes with occlusion. It’s an ‘invisible’ head hiding all things (we want) behind it (eg. good to hide for bows of glasses).
Use your own FP11 compiling settings in your IDE (eg. in FDT) to start the FP11 example. The current setting is Flex 4.1 for FP10.1. We change that to Flex 4.5.1, when we compile to FP11.

If you have any questions or hints, please comment on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BeyondRealityFace

You can get the new SDK here: http://www.beyond-reality-face.com/getBRF


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